Stop Gambling With Your Data! 

Feeling safe and secure about not losing your data? Backing up your "important stuff" on a portable drive is only a partial solution. Somehow, a rumor got started that backing up the really important files to a portable drive was all you have to do. It was probably started by a merchant of portable drives! A car is not very useful for travel without an engine, fuel, a driver, etc. and likewise, your data is not very useful without having it and having a way to get to it and use it. Backing up in "the cloud" just doesn't sound like something I'd want to do with my personal, confidential or business data, too many unknowns for me! Where exactly is that, anyway?

There are a few zillion services offering backups and like other things, some are good, some are bad and some are a bit deceptive in their presentation. They may say $3 - $4 or $30 - $40 or however many dollars per month, but when you decide to give it a try, you find there are per month server fees around $10 average and per gig transfer fees around 12 cents per gig (after we toss you a few for free). Without going any deeper, if I have to transfer extremely large files, it could cost over $100 per month! Ok, we have to go one deeper... did I mention the "with 'x' number of years contract term agreement" or "minimum number of PC's" requirement? Sorry, that was two wasn't it?

Your stuff is important to you whether it be pix of the first grand or data that drives your business, we know that. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions cut your downtime to minutes, not days nor even hours in most cases! We provide stand alone backup installations, remote management and other solutions. Just as each user's situation is unique, so too are our solutions. Piece of mind costs less than you think, data loss costs more than you can afford!

A Better Way

Key Benefits Of Our Service

bulletEncrypted Data Transfer and Storage
bulletImmediate Access To Data 24/7
bulletMinimal Downtime
bulletMinimal Data Loss, Possibly None!
bulletRestore Files, Directories or Full System
bulletRemote and/or Local Data Management
bulletOff Site Secure and/or Local Data Storage
bulletProactive/Preemptive Security Plan
bulletEasy Worry Free Implementation
bulletSingle Point of Contact
bullet Affordable Plans With No Hidden Fees

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