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Data Backup Plans




File Backup

This plan offers dedicated online storage for documents, photos, music or other files you may want to keep. Backup scheduling is completely flexible. Storage space begins at 100G. That's enough space to store hundreds of 1,000's of files: probably about a million photos (literally), tens of thousands of songs, 400 - 500 hours of video and hundreds of movies! Small business owners can keep employee time records, benefit information, vacation schedules, etc. safely offsite. This plan is scalable and completely customizable with options starting at only $US 9.95 per month. Call or email us to discuss your individual plan options.

System Imaging

This plan offers all the benefits and options of our File Backup Plan with the added benefit of having all the applications, settings, configurations, personalization's, etc to use the data you choose to back up. In other words, this backup captures a complete snapshot of your computer and stores it in a single file. Accessing the file allows single objects, files, folders, directories or complete system restoration. System restores provide capability to restore to a different computer, even if the hardware is dissimilar! We do however recommend trying to match hardware as closely as possible should this option be required. Matching hardware will minimize the need to manually load drivers, devices, etc.



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